Keep Your Kodi Add-ons Current by Adding Repositories

One of the neat things I have noticed about Kodi Add-ons, is that they are always updating.  Well, in configuring different repositories in my Kodi application, I noticed that Kodi is designed to search repositories for the latest add-on updates.   This became obvious while manually updating an add-on in Kodi, I noticed that there were update versions for that add-on located in three repositories; two of which, I configured.  The interesting thing is that the three repositories had different dates for the add-on update, and the one with the current update was preferred by the add-on.  Also, when I added the Colossus and SuperRepo repositories as a file source in my Kodi installation, I noticed every add-on that had a current update in those repositories started to update.

Therefore, I think all users of Kodi should ensure they have these two repositories configured in Kodi: Colossus and SuperRepo.  You can find guidance on adding these repositories by Clicking here for Colossus and here for SuperRepo.  These repositories will ensure that all of your favorite Kodi add-ons stay current.

Repository Location

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