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Solace Connect, LLC strives to link customers to reliable, durable, and performance driven quality Mini Entertainment Centers (MEC). Our customers can count on 24-hour, professional service, and support 7 days a week.

At Solace Connect, we believe our job is to provide devices that separate a person's personal data from online streaming activities. With our Mini Entertainment Centers (MEC) people can enjoy the installed applications or they can install other applications that allow for free or paid entertainment. Our Mini Entertainment Centers (MEC) are high performance media streamers that provide a great way to enjoy online entertainment. The paid and free applications installed on our devices are applications that ensure families reduce their cable TV bills.

At Solace Connect, everyone on our team uses the Mini Entertainment Centers (MEC) to stream entertainment. We are not worried about profit per say, but we are more concerned with getting cable companies to start charging based on the hours of usage and the number of channels watched by customers. We want the cable companies to change; and, if there are applications that can assist with the persuasion, then we will educate the public on how to install and use them. Of course, we are happy when the public uses our Mini Entertainment Centers (MEC) to support the cause; however, they can use other devices if they trust those companies. We just want to be the agent of change and educate the public.

Solace Connect, LLC is continually improving our product lines and customer service. If you have any questions about Solace Connect, LLC or the services we provide, please contact us.


Gerald Woods
Director of Operations and Marketing

 Cali Living