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I love entertainment; and I am always excited when I find ways to save a lot of cash on entertainment.  Matter of fact, that was and still is the goal of Solace Connect, LLC.  We initially started off selling media streaming devices and configuring them with cool applications that allowed customers to connect to streaming video and music entertainment from all over the world.  Our customers saved a lot of money using our media streaming devices because they could configure them to connect to Sling, Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, Kodi streaming services which allowed them to reduce their cable bills by 45% to 65%. So, we are all about saving CASH.

Entertainment to us means the world of entertainment.  The world of entertainment includes products that allow you to look and feel like entertainment.... let's say like a movie star or a singer.  That means the watches, jewelry, and other accessories they wear.  Not to forget, clothes, shoes, jackets, and other products.  But, what we also work at doing is ensuring that you pay the lowest cost for quality.  We want you to look good with not only the electronic accessories; but also, the watches, jewelry, and other fashionable accessories you wear.

Most importantly, we want to simplify your shopping experience.  This saves you time, reduces stress, and saves money.  So, at Solace Connect, one of our goals is to ensure that we simplify your shopping experience by having products that are priced low, look great, and remain unique

Keeping Products Unique

One of my biggest gripes with Amazon and Ebay is that they have a lot of products; but they also have a lot of the same products priced differently.  So, I have to wade through all those identical products just to find the lowest priced one.  Look, I appreciate choices; but I think society has reached a breaking point with the number of choices.  Why can't those online stores just have a lot of unique products priced with the lowest price?   

At Solace Connect, you will find some of the lowest prices online.  You will find that most of our products are unique.  For example, if we have a hat by a designer called Jasmin (just making up a name for this example), then you will find different styles and colors by Jasmin and other designers.  You will not see that same hat by Jasmin priced differently on the same web page on our website.  We prefer to just price our products as low as possible; and we want you to know that the quality and style are great.  We want you to have unique choices with low prices from The-Get-Go.  What I am saying.......I want all our customers to look and feel GREAT!

Enjoy browsing and shopping at Solace Connect.

Here you will find:

  • Low priced Quality products and accessories
  • Product Guarantees or your money back
  • Awesome customer service and a dedication to ensuring Satisfaction
  • A growing collection of Amazing Products & Services
  • Great Products from our collection of wonderful designers from around the world.

So, I want you to enjoy your visit; and let me know if we need to consider adding a product or service you feel would be exciting for you and other awesome customers.  Also, join our weekly email list to stay up-to-date on the latest offerings and company news.  




Gerald Woods
Director of Operations and Marketing