Configuring Add ons for Movies and TV Episodes in Kodi 17 [Obsolete]

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Important Definition: Add-ons are shortcuts or mini-applications in KODI that play movies; tv episodes; and live streams of sports, news, and other programing. Some of the content is copyright protected and streamed without permission by developers of the add-ons.


KODI for Movies and TV Shows is no longer the best application available. Please read this blog and watch this video to install Terrarium TV. ITS FREE!


Click this link to learn how to install Covenant using the XvBMC REPOsitory.




This is the old way of configuring your ConnectBox.  Check out the updated way


Current and New Customers: If you just purchased a ConnectBox and wish to watch movies and TV shows in KODI 17, this 20 minute video will guide you through the process of adding Add-ons to your KODI 17 install. This video will show you how simple it is to configure add-ons in KODI 17. This 20 minute video will get you watching movies and tv episodes easily and quickly within KODI 17. We hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions or concerns about configuring KODI, please contact us. (If you prefer step-by-step written instructions, please read below the video.) [After you watch the video and configure KODI, you may want to add cable tv service by clicking here.]


Ares Wizard address has changed from to (please use this address for Ares install when watching video.)

Our devices' installation of the latest supported version of KODI are without add-ons. Customers who wish to watch movies and tv episodes using KODI can easily configure the Add-ons in KODI with the guidance of this simple 20 minute 'How-To' video. This easy to follow 20 minute video should provide an easy way for new KODI users to add the most popular Add-ons to KODI for streaming entertainment.

Step-by-Step Instructions:(Images created from video above)

This is the easiest way to add all the best add-ons to your KODI 17 application! (If needed, please pause video to follow along while setting up KODI 17 on your ConnectBox.)

  • At the Home menu screen once device is turned on, you will need to open KODI by selecting the KODI application.
  • Wait for KODI 17 to load.
Step 2
  • Click the 'Settings' widget on the KODI 17 home screen.
Step 3
  • Select 'File Manager' near the bottom right corner.
Step 4
  • Select 'Add Source'
Step 5
  • Click '<None>' and type:
  • Screen shot of where you would type the URL to the source files. Once typed, click OK.
  • Edit the media source name to 'ares.' The name field should be blank until you type a source name of 'ares.'
  • After naming the media source to 'ares,' click 'Ok' and then click the return button on your remote control to get back to the home screen of KODI.
Step 9
  • Click on 'Add-ons' menu item located on the KODI home screen.
Step 10
  • Click the 'open box' icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Step 11
  • Choose 'Install from zip file.' Once you click this link, you will receive a warning message.
Step 12
  • To enable KODI to install from unknown sources, you will need to click settings.
Step 13
  • Select 'Unknown Sources.' Click 'Ok' on remote
Step 14
  • Select 'Yes.' Afterwards, click the return button on the remote one time.
Step 18
  • Select 'Install from zip file' again
Step 19
  • Select the file source you created earlier called 'Ares' or 'Magic'
Step 20
  • Click on repository.aresproject
Step 21
  • Click on file. You must select it to proceed.
Step 22
  • After the repository installs (may take a minute), you can select 'Install from Repository.'
Step 23
  • Select 'Ares Project'
Step 24
  • Select 'Program Add-ons'
Step 25
  • Select 'Ares Wizard'
Step 26
  • Click the 'Install' button
Step 27
  • Wait 1 minute for the 'Ares Wizard' to install.
Step 28
  • Now, click return on your remote control 4 or 5 times until you return to the KODI home screen. Once there, the 'Add-ons' menu item should be selected; if not, then scroll down the menu to 'Add-ons.' Now, select the 'Ares Wizard' application or program. (You are almost DONE!)
Step 29
  • After you click on the 'Ares Wizard,' the application may run an update; afterwards, it will open the application. Once it opens, you need to click on the 'Browse Builds' menu item. (From here, it is smooth sailing.)
Step 30
  • Scroll down to 'Pulse.' When you select 'Pulse,' you will get a notice requiring you to 'Get PIN.' Click the 'Get Pin' button.
Step 31
  • When you click 'Get Pin,' your internet browser will open. Now, you may have to select a few options if it is your first time opening Google Chrome on your ConnectBox; however, you only need to accept the Google License Agreement. After that, you will remember your PIN; and click the return button on your remote control to get back to the 'Ares Wizard.'
Step 32
  • Once you have returned to the 'Ares Wizard,' you can click 'Enter Pin.' Then you will be able to enter your PIN obtained previously.
Step 33
    Step 34
    • Now, the 'Pulse' build menu will appear. Choose 'Pulse CCM Krypton.' On the right hand side, you will see 'Install;' after 30 to 60 seconds, please click 'Install' to start the installation. Once done, you will have access to all the popular 'Add-ons' like Exodus, Zem, Phoenix, Salt, Sports Devil, and many others.
    Step 35
      Once the install completes, you will get several prompts:
      1. Do you want to backup the skin\profile? Always choose 'YES.'
      2. A Thank you message from Ares Wizard, and a request to be entered into a competition. Recommend that you say 'No,' but it is up to you.
      Click 'Ok' to close KODI. Then re-open KODI to experience the entertainment that is available to you. After re-opening, let KODI sit for 10 minutes; so the 'Add-ons' can update. (If KODI does not close automatically, you can power your device off and then back on.)
      Step 36


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