Determine Clothing Size

If you have questions about our designer's clothing size, please contact us through a chat session for a quick response.  Thanks


Asia Size to USA Size

How do you know if the clothing measurements are based on Asia? 

  • Size selection menu has "Asia Size" in it
  • Available sizes go to 9XL
  • Product description states to use Asia size
  • Description or images state size varies by 1 to 3 cm
  • Ships from China and does not state "Fits True to Size" in the description

Please follow the size charts available on the product page. You will see size charts listed with 85% of the clothes sold here; if you do not see a size chart or are unsure about size, please do not hesitate to open up an online chat with us. 

Here is a great video by one of our team members on the proper way to determine your measurements when using our designer's conversion charts to purchase clothing. After watching this video, you will understand how to determine your correct clothing size when purchasing clothing that ships from our Chinese warehouses. If you have any questions, please open a chat session with us.  FYI: If the measurements in the size charts are larger than what you get when following this video, then those clothes require your actual body measurements.  Click Here to get the proper way of measuring your body. 




Selecting Dress Size using our Body Size Chart

Picking a dress online should not be hit or miss.  Use our body charts to ensure that you select the correct dress size.  Please know that our clothing sizes are in Asia and American sizes; therefore, you should pay close attention to the Size information on the product page. 


Selecting Jean Sizes

Use the charts on the product page when selecting Jeans.  Most of our jeans are using Asian measurements unless stated otherwise. 

First, you need to understand what our suppliers measure to determine measurements.  Please review the two images below:

What is measured

Measuring Yourself

Second, you need a tape measure; so you can get your measurements.  Write the numbers down.  Use the images below to determine how to get your measurements the proper way.

Best method to ensure you have correct measurements


Correct way to measure jean size


Convert Kilograms to Pounds 

If you are interested in purchasing clothes that have charts which use Kilograms to help in determining size, then the chart below will assist you in determining the pounds.

Kilograms to Pounds


Convert Centimeters to Inches 

If you are interested in purchasing a product that is in centimeters, the charts below will assist you in determining the size of the merchandise you are interested in purchasing.

If you would like some help converting from/to metric, the following table may be of assistance.

Centimeters to Inches Conversion Table