How to Configure, Update, and Enhance your Kodi install.

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Here you will learn strategies for maximizing your experience with Kodi.  If you have any questions, please email or post a question on one of our blogs.  Also, you can improve the speed and video of Kodi by purchasing a ConnectBox.


How to Upgrade your Kodi 15 install to a new version of Kodi 16

Please review this video to learn how to upgrade your Kodi install to a newer version of Kodi. For this video, a satisfied customer demonstrates how to upgrade the Kodi 15.2 version to Kodi 16.1. You can find the newer install of Kodi at this website: (Choose "Android APK install: ARM")

You will need a USB drive to install the APK file into your Kodi install on the ConnectBox; however, all ConnectBox devices have the KODI APK files loaded in the SDCard folder on the local hard drive. Enjoy the video!


How to install the Ares Wizard for more media selections, video, and music.

This video focuses on the installation of the Ares Wizard. The Ares Wizard will add updated builds that will enhance your Kodi installation with more video, music, and movie selections. You can find the Ares Wizard at since it is no longer available at I hope you enjoy the video.


How to Configure Cable TV in your Kodi install on the SC-S805.


 This video focuses on installing Cable TV in the Kodi installed on the ConnectBox S1.  To accomplish this, you will need to get a donation # and configure a mac address,  Please visit to purchase donation #.  You will also need to download the EPG Stalker Updater to configure the Stalker Client with the proper settings.  You can get the updater from  Listen to the video to learn how to use the internet addresses above.