How to Install, Upgrade, Configure, Update, and Enhance your Kodi 17 Application.

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Here you will learn strategies for maximizing your experience with Kodi 17.  If you have any questions, please email or post a question on one of our blogs.  Also, you can improve the speed and video of Kodi by purchasing a ConnectBox X96 or XL.


Proper way to upgrade your Kodi 16 install to a new version of Kodi 17

Please review this video to learn how to upgrade your Kodi 16 install to a newer version of Kodi 17. For this video, a staff member demonstrates how to upgrade the Kodi 16.1 version to Kodi 17. You can find the newer install of Kodi at this website: (Choose "Android APK install: ARM")

You will need a USB drive to install the APK file into your Kodi install on the ConnectBox; however, all ConnectBox devices have the KODI APK files loaded in the SDCard folder on the local hard drive. Enjoy the video!