KODI 17 Configuration Support

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KODI 17 Support Information (UPDATED 6-04-2018)

Please click on the links here to gather information that will assist you with configuring and troubleshooting your KODI 17 application.  You will see a support and troubleshooting link that will assist you with most problems.

Always plug devices into a power strip and not a wall socket to keep electrical surges and other electrical occurrences from damaging your device.


Choose the KODI Build you want for your new ConnectBox:


(Pulse Build has been recommended in the past; however, NO LIMITS has proven to be an Awesome KODI Build in the absence of PULSE.)


Click here to configure KODI 17 with Add-ons using the NO LIMITS BUILD 
Our devices have the latest supported version of KODI with no add-ons added or configured.  Customers who wish to watch movies and tv episodes using KODI can configure Add-ons in KODI with the guidance of this simple 'How-To Install NO LIMITS BUILD' video.  This easy to follow video should provide an easy way for new KODI users to add Add-ons to KODI, TERRARIUM TV, AND MOBDRO for streaming entertainment. Installation is simple. Simple user interface.  (FYI: Most of our instruction guides are based upon the PULSE Build which is no longer available.)


KODI 17 installation not acting right; you should reinstall it.  (It's EASY!)

Watch this easy to follow video to learn how to reinstall KODI 17 using files located on your ConnectBox or from KODI website. These 13 minute videos will explain how to uninstall and reinstall KODI 17 as a way of resolving issues when KODI is not functioning as expected. Issues with KODI can arise from automatic updates of add-ons or when you update the KODI build. Nevertheless, this easy to follow video should help you to get your application functioning as expected.


Click here to learn how to Install, Configure, Update, and Enhance Kodi 17

Click here to learn how to backup and restore KODI 17


Interested in configuring subtitles for your movies watched in KODI
This is a feature that seems to be limited to KODI 17 and higher. Click the link to learn how to configure subtitles for movies and TV episodes; also, you can find subtitles in other languages since this is a worldwide project to create subtitles; therefore, you can find subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, German, and other languages.