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The Phoenix Add-on  in KODI - Part1
This video is about the Phoenix Add-on. This add-on is one of the favorites for KODI enthusiast.  In this video, the focus is on one of my favorite applications within the Phoenix Add-on (One242415). I hope you enjoy the video.


Watching Live TV in KODI
You can watch Live TV in KODI; however, there are a few things one must understand about Live TV Streaming in KODI. Look at this video to learn.


What is "MP3 Streams?" 
This application is a music repository.  Here you will find complete albums from the present and past. You can search by album, artist, or song. This is a great application found in various KODI builds. Watch the video below to learn more about "MP3 Streams."


What does KODI offer for Kids?

This video explorers how the KODI application can provide endless of months of children's entertainment for your family. Watch this video for a demonstration of how it works.


What you need to know about Exodus Add-on

This is a quick video to explain to you how Exodus Add-on works in KODI. This is a very popular add-on. It is used to watch movies and TV episodes. Watch this video to understand how this add-on works. Explore our website to learn more about streaming free online entertainment.


 How to Watch Live Sports in KODI!

The KODI application has many ways of watching live sports. For this article, I will focus on a simple way for you to get started enjoying your live sports. So, follow the instructions in this video.  If you have questions, get in contact with our customer support.


Do you enjoy watching music videos?  Then you will love this!

If you enjoy watching music videos, you are going to love this ADD-on! The Music Source add-on is great for watching music videos in KODI. Check out this video to see it in action. Also, browse our website to learn more about the applications we install on our devices. Learn and save money!