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Customers of the ConnectBox X96 and/or ConnectBox XL

Thank you for purchasing a ConnectBox!  Now, it is time to setup your KODI application.  The tutorials we provide will help you configure KODI to play movies, tv episodes, live tv, and sports.  We have one build mentioned here that we feel is a reliable well maintained KODI build.  Please read the benefits we believe the build provides and select the link below to learn how to configure it.

Important: KODI Builds are the easiest way to add Add-ons in KODI for playing movies; tv episodes; and live streams of sports, news, and other programing.  Some of the content is copyright protected and streamed without permission.

Spinning StarSelect a KODI Build for instruction on installing (YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS FIRST!):

DUREX Build for KODI 17 (Krypton)
One of the more popular Kodi Builds is the Durex Build. The developers of the Durex Build are quick at replacing the non-working add-ons; for this reason, this build continues to grow in popularity. During my evaluation of this build, I noticed that it loads extremely fast.  The movie libraries in the various add-ons seem to load faster than any other build I have used in the past.  Also, this build has a lot of add-ons with active content. 


NO LIMIT Build for KODI 17 (Krypton)

Customers can configure Add-ons in KODI by watching this video guide.  The NO LIMIT Kodi 17 Krypton Build is a consistent and easy to maneuver around build for KODI users. This build offers great addons like Neptune Rising, Genesis Reborn, Placenta, Covenant XvBMC Repo, Incursion, Maverick TV, Supremacy, Uranus, The Dogs Bollocks, and SkyNet to name a few.  Live TV and Sports is also available through this build.  To get started watching movies and tv episodes, locate Covenant after installing the NO LIMIT Build.


**SPINZ TV Build for Kodi 17**
Customers can configure Add-ons in KODI with the guidance of this simple 'How-To Install SPINZ TV BUILD' video.  This easy to follow video should provide an easy way for new KODI users to add Add-ons to KODI for streaming entertainment. 
 (You may have to update your KODI installation before installing SPINZ TV Build. Graphic Intensive, almost like another application with an easy to use user interface.) 

Once you have installed the NO LIMIT BUILD or SPINZ TV Build, configure Cable TV Service on your device (Optional): ADD CABLE TV TO YOUR CONNECTBOX! 

Our devices are able to support most Cable IPTV providers.  Here we will showcase vendors who provide free and paid access to Cable TV. You will find that the subscription based vendors are reasonably priced between $60 to $130 per year.