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No Volume Coming from Device

Check the volume control for the device.  On the remote control for the Connect Box, you will find two buttons that look like speaker images with a minus sign on one button and a plus sign on the other.  These buttons are on the remote control in the area where the power button is and the Prev & Next buttons.  Click the speaker button with the plus sign to turn the volume all the way up.  Do not use the Connect Box remote control to control sound; please use your sound bar or TV remote control to manage sound. If this does not resolve your issue, then please contact our company for further assistance. 

Video disappears after 3 to 6 seconds has passed, device powers off/restarts TV, or no video is displayed on TV screen after a few seconds to minutes.

Before you try the steps in 2nd paragraph, please disable or turnoff HDMI® CEC functions or similar HDMI settings that enhance your TV's HDMI port to turnoff attached devices, place them in stand-by mode, or auto-switches between sound/video.  This feature along with similar HDMI features enabled on some TV models may cause the device to power off the TV or not show any video on TV screen after a few seconds to minutes. This only occurs on select TV models.  This issue has been resolved by connecting the Connect Box to a different HDMI port, lowering the port speed on the Connect Box (as detailed in below write-up), or disabling the HDMI CEC or similar functions.  Disabling the CEC or similar function does not impact the video or sound quality of your TV or the Connect Box; you can disable this feature by going into your TV's 'Menu' and 'Settings' to locate 'HDMI' and enabled features or similar terminology.  This situation has impacted less than 6% of our customers.

Changing Connect Box S1 port speed (Not required for ConnectBox X96/XL)

Although the Connect Box has an auto-detect HDMI port speed, we have noticed in some Vizio TV models (i.e. M80-c3 & D65u-D2), that the auto detect function does not work as expected; as a result, the video from the device stops displaying.  The reason this occurs is because the port speed on the device is 60hz by default; so if you plug it into a TV HDMI port that is 30hz, the display will disappear because the port speed for the TV's HDMI port is to slow.  Now, the device has a 24hz speed it can drop to; but that is only if auto-detect is functioning. If you have a Vizio, you can plug the device into the HDMI port with a 60hz speed (on some models HDMI port 5).  Once connected, the device will be able to display the video; at which time, you can go into device settings and choose the 'Display' tab and turn off 'HDMI auto-detection' (Please see image below).  Once turned off, you can manual drop the port speed to 24hz.  Once the device HDMI port speed is lowered, you can then connect the device to your TV's 30hz HDMI ports.  At this time, the Vizio TV is the only TV that may require that the device port speed be manually adjusted on the Connect Box. 

SC-S805 HDMI Port Speed 

Buffering Issues and Video Hang Issues

If you are viewing video content in Kodi and experience issues with video play, you should try pausing the video for two to five minutes before resuming play to see if this corrects your issue.  If the issue persist, please try selecting another video stream.  For example, if you selected the first video stream and are having trouble, then you should try selecting the forth stream to see if you get better video play back.  At times, you may want to try the 25th stream or further downstream to see if issue resolves.  Also, ensure that your internet service is not having connection issues.

Sometimes, if you choose a lower quality video, that may resolve your buffering issues.  Below are the acronyms used to express video quality:

HD = High definition

HQ = High Quality

MQ = Medium Quality

LQ = Low Quality


Add-Ons Defined:

Add-ons contain video and other content.  Add-ons are how you see video content.  You can access add-ons by selecting the Video bar in Kodi and choosing video add-ons and you can also choose add-ons under the Video bar title.  There are many add-ons to choose from.  Some add-ons contain similar content to other add-ons and some contain unique content.

To change the Add-Ons that appear under the Video bar submenu, you can go to the ‘System’ Bar and choose Settings – Appearance – Skin – Settings (located in the right-hand menu) – ‘Add-on Shortcuts.’  Move to right-hand menu and select ‘Home page “Videos” submenu.’  Now, you can choose an add-on to replace.

FYI: You will need to replace add-ons sometimes because they stop working.