Using the Jayhawk Build to Gain Access to Live HD Cable TV in KODI 17

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The Jayhawk Kodi 17 Krypton Build is one of the best builds available to KODI users. This build offers live cable TV in High-Definition along with great addons like 123 Movies, BOB, CCloud, Evolve, Exodus, Goodfellas, Phoenix, Pro Sport, Specto, Sports Devil, Uk Turk, and Zem.

Current and New Customers: If you just purchased a ConnectBox and wish to watch Live High-Definition Cable in KODI 17, this 18 minute video will guide you through the process of adding HD cable tv with a semi-TV Guide to your KODI 17 install using the Jayhawk build. This video will show you how simple it is to configure live Cable TV in KODI 17. Also, this 18 minute video will get you watching movies and tv episodes easily and quickly within KODI 17 using the Jayhawk build. We hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions or concerns about configuring KODI, please contact us. (If you prefer step-by-step written instructions, please read below the video.) (If using the ConnectBox X96, you will only click 'Settings' to get to 'Apps' section. The ConnectBox XL has a few more menus one must click through to get to 'Apps' section.)


Step-by-Step Instructions:(Images created from video above)

This is the easiest way to add all the best add-ons to your KODI 17 application along with Live Cable TV! (If needed, please pause video to follow along while setting up KODI 17 on your ConnectBox.)

  • Go to the 'Settings' option
  • Click the 'Advanced' option
  • Click the 'More Settings' option
  • Click the 'Apps' option
  • Select the Kodi application
  • Select 'Force Stop' and click 'OK' when prompted
  • Select 'Clear Data' and click 'OK' when prompted
  • Select 'Open' to open KODI 17
  • Wait for KODI 17 to load.
Step 2
  • Click the 'Settings' widget on the KODI 17 home screen.
Step 3
  • Select 'File Manager' near the bottom right corner.
Step 4
  • Select 'Add Source'
Step 5
  • Click '<None>' and type:
  • Screen shot of where you would type the URL to the source files.
  • Edit the media source name to 'jayhawk' instead of 'kodi.'
  • After renaming the media source to 'jayhawk,' click 'Ok' and then click the return button on your remote control to get back to the home screen of KODI.
  • Click on 'Add-ons' menu item located on the KODI home screen.
Step 10
  • Click the 'open box' icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Step 11
  • Choose 'Install from zip file.' Once you click this link, you will receive a warning message.
Step 12
  • To enable KODI to install from unknown sources, you will need to click settings.
Step 13
  • Select 'Unknown Sources.' Click 'Ok' on remote
Step 14
  • Select 'Yes.' Afterwards, click the return button on the remote one time.
Step 18
  • Select 'Install from zip file' again
Step 19
  • Select the file source you created earlier called 'jayhawk'
  • Click on  This will install the Jayhawk wizard.  The installation may take a minute.
    • Wait to receive notice that Jayhawk Wizard is installed. (may take a minute)
      • Select 'Build Menu.'  Then you can 'Dismiss' any notices from Jayhawk media.  You may have to select 'Build Menu' again.
      • Select 'Jayhawk 4-K17 v2.0.2 for KODI 17.1 Krypton
      • Select 'NO' to a fresh start
        • Wait for Jayhawk Build install to complete.
        • Once install completes, you will need to click 'OK' to close KODI.
        • Reopen KODI and notice how the application startup logo has changed.
        • Once in Jayhawk, let it sit for 10 minutes; so the add-ons can finish installing.
        • Once the add-ons finish installing, you will go to the 'Live TV' menu in Jayhawk to select the submenu 'TV Guide' which will allow for you to see cable TV.
        • Select a channel from the TV Guide to begin watching HD Cable TV.


        As far as your Add-ons for movies and tv episodes, you will find them in abundance in the Jayhawk build.  Take time out to explore the add-ons and other features in the jayhawk build.  If you have problems with KODI after upgrading to Jayhawk, you may have to reinstall KODI 17 by watching a quick video on the process of reinstalling KODI 17, 'Click Here' to watch video.