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Here you can learn about the Applications installed on our Mini Entertainment Center (MEC) ConnectBox and the content you can watch on our device.  This is a great page to watch and listen to how the device and applications installed can help you cut your cable bill and save you a lot of money.


Learn how the Connect Box can reduce cable TV bill
Let's face it, cable TV is expensive.  Why not reduce or eliminate your cable TV bill.  Watch this quick video to learn how. 


In-Depth Look at KODI Entertainment
In-Depth video on the entertainment available in KODI.  This 15 minute video will provide a great demo for viewers who are interested in learning about the awesome freedom of entertainment KODI provides.


The Mobdro Live TV Streaming Application 
This application does one thing and one thing only; Mobdro provides live TV through its application. This app has nothing to do with KODI; but it has everything to do with Live TV from all over the world.  If this application continues to remain stable, which it has for awhile now, we feel this application will become one of the most popular apps available to the public for live TV entertainment. Watch the video below for an overview of Mobdro.


What you need to know about Exodus Add-on

This is a quick video to explain to you how Exodus Add-on works in KODI. This is a very popular add-on. It is used to watch movies and TV episodes. Watch this video to understand how this add-on works. Explore our website to learn more about streaming free online entertainment.


Watching Live TV in KODI
You can watch Live TV in KODI; however, there are a few things one must understand about Live TV Streaming in KODI. Look at this video to learn.


What is "MP3 Streams?" 
This application is a music repository.  Here you will find complete albums from the present and past. You can search by album, artist, or song. This is a great application found in various KODI builds. Watch the video below to learn more about "MP3 Streams."


To install MP3 Streams, watch this video:


Learn more about KODI and how this application can save you money.


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