Air Mouse Remote with Built-In Wireless Keyboard & Gravity Sensor

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The Air Mouse remote control with its specialized design is for Android Boxes, ConnectBoxes, and Smart TVs. This awesome remote control can be used while relaxing on the sofa, in the bed, or anywhere near your ConnectBox, Android Box, or Smart TV. You will enjoy surfing the Internet. With this remote control, you can use apps that require a user to swip left or right to scan movie catalogs, webpages, online book catalogs, picture albums, etc.

One side of the MX3 Air Mouse remote control has a simple keyboard, the other side of the remote control is very similar to a TV remote control. It has a built-in gyroscope and gravity sensor; therefore, when you rotate your wrist, the cursor moves.



    5 in 1 function: 1. Remote Control 2. Air Mouse 3. Wireless Keyboard 4. IR Mode 5. Browser Shortcuts

    • Full keyboard, air mouse, and TV remote.
    • QWERTY keyboard for character and number inputs
    • Compatible with both IR and 2.4G transmission
    • Motion Sensor allows mouse to be controlled by waving the remote.
    • Effective battery saver that enters sleep mode after 20 seconds of inaction
    • Plug-and-play function allows USB receiver to be detected and it is compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0
    • Applicable to: Smart TVs, ConnectBox, Set-top-boxes, Mini PC, Android TV Box, and PC TVs.

    • Transmission and control:2.4G RF wireless radio-frequency technique
    • The sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor
    • The key number: 81 keys
    • Remote control distance: >=10 meters
    • The battery type: Two batteries (AAA*2) (Batteries not included.)
    • The machine power consumption: Less than 10mA while using
    • Standby power consumption: in line with "Energy Star" green environmental protection standard
    • Material: Rubber and silicone
    • Appearance of the color: Black
    • Dimension:172*52*19MM(two sides just 10mm thin)
    • The machine weight: About 100g


    (1) Paring: Insert the receiver into the computer or ConnectBox USB interface, and press the OK button+TV button on the panel at the same time. If the MX3 Air Mouse moves as expected, then you successfully sync'd the remote to your device.

    (2) A Few Key Functions explained

    HOME key: After entering a submenu, you can return to original menu.
    RETURN key: You can press the Return key to go back to the last interface.
    CURSOR LOCK key: Press & release to lock and unlock cursor.
    TV key: 2.4GHz Infrared switch.

    Illustration of Keys and other:

    (1) After you have paired the remote controller with your device, the LED will light up when the button is pressed.

    (2)Cursor speed regulation

    ①From slow to fast: Press "HOME" and "VOL+" at the same time to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor to a faster rate
    ②From fast to slow: Press "HOME" and "VOL-" at the same time to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor to a slower rate

    (3)Infrared learning: Example for learning the TV "POWER" key

    ①First, press and release the TV key, the air mouse will switch to infrared mode and the LED light will turn off if it was on.
    ②Press and hold the TV button, LED light will flash rapidly and then flash slowly to indicate that the air mouse is in a learning mode.
    ③Ensure air mouse and TV remote control infrared transmitters are aligned, press the "POWER" key on the TV remote control. When the air mouse receives the TV remote control's code value, the LED light will become bright for awhile.
    ④Now, press the buttons for learning on air mouse. When the air mouse has received the code value, the LED will return to a slow flashing which indicates the remote's learning process was successful. (It does not last more than 15 sec.)
    ⑤After learning has completed successfully, you can press the TV key to exit learning mode. You will notice that the red light has stopped flashing.

    FYI: When turning on your ConnectBox or any device you programed the remote for, you will need to press the TV button on the remote to enable infrared which will allow you to power the devices on and off. After power on, press the TV button again on the Air Mouse to use the remotes function keys to maneuver the menus and settings.

    Package Content:
    1 x Remote Control
    1 x USB Receiver
    1 x User Manual


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